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2016 Candidate Questionnaires for Wisconsin State Assembly District 43

Questionnaires were sent out to each of the two candidates listed alphabetically for each race below.

Allison Hetz - No Response
Don Vruwink

Voter Photo ID Law Information

The photo ID requirement established as part of 2011 Act 23 will be in effect for the November 2014 General Election following an order from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. The Wisconsin Supreme Court found the law to be constitutional.

Click here to find out about the Wisconsin Voter Photo ID Law requirements and how to get a free state ID.

Additional information can be found here.

Project Vote Smart

Vote Smart Hotline: 888-VOTESMART (888-868-3762) Project Vote Smart is the Voter's Self-Defense System. This is an automated interactive research tool to learn about your candidates, and whether or not they represent your views on a variety of key issues. You simply type in your zip code and every presidential or congressional candidate's lawn sign will instantly appear. Then just state your position on key issues and watch as each sign moves to support you or oppose you. If you question the movement, just click on the sign and see their public record. It will show if your candidates answer key issue questions. It is fun, powerful stuff. Project Vote Smart brings truth to light on thousands of candidates and elected officials. Research information includes: biographies, interest group ratings, public statements, voting records, issue positions, and campaign finances. The most up-lifting political event of our lifetime is thousands of citizens joining together to protect themselves and their fellow Americans from the manipulative nonsense that poisons our civic culture. This is what makes us all so apprehensive about our nation's future. The cure to this dishonorable conduct is one you must have dreamed of yourself: Bring truth to light through a Voter's Self-Defense System so secure, independent and true, any citizen + conservative or liberal + can turn to it in absolute confidence for the facts. Project Vote Smart is a place of abundant, accurate, relevant information about those who govern, or those who wish to replace those who do. Less than half of today's candidates respond to voters' questions. As one national party leader typically said when asked why, "It is not our job to educate, it is our job to win!" Vote Smart has begun the task of dragging their politics out of the mud fact by fact. Organizations as diverse as CNN, Fox News, MTV, the New York Times, NBC, Ron Reagen, Bill Moyers, and the Ford and Carnegie foundations have all celebrated its birth, Vote Smart is what U.S. News and World Report says, "Would make the Founders weep with joy." What better antidote to the irresponsibility and loss of civility that now plagues our political parties and representatives? It is the smart side of a people's rebellion, the People's right to the facts. Know this about Project Vote Smart: Vote Smart board members must join with a political opposite. Carter, Ford, Goldwater, and McGovern are some who helped establish the idea as civility crumbled. The staff, volunteers and interns refuse support from special interests and every organization that supports or opposes any issue or candidate. Staff and students serve from ten weeks to two-year tours, and receive minimal salaries, with most volunteering for no salary at all. Project Vote Smart has been recommended by The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CNN, USA Today, and the Indianapolis Star. Information available t this point is for federal election candidates. Information on state candidates will be available in May. Check back often to keep up to date!

Where Do I Vote?

Ward Chart 2012 : This chart tells you where to vote based on your house number and street address.

Voting Wards: This is a map of the voting wards in Whitewater.

Voter Information Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name? Click on the link below to go to an online voter registration form.

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Voter Public Access

If you have not voted recently, you might want to check your voter registration status and your polling place on Voter Public Access.